about eco-eco



our mission statement

"eco-eco aims to lead the way in making environmentally friendly stationery products the ‘norm’ and not the ‘exception’.  eco-eco’s priority is taking care of it’s customers, it’s trade partners, it’s staff and our planet."


our story

"planet friendly price friendly".  eco-eco was founded in 2015 by Laura & James who had identified a gap in the market for high quality, reasonably-priced stationery products.  They put their brains together for the greater (environmental and social) good and formed eco-eco, a company who supply stationery products with high eco credentials at no additional cost to the consumer.  Here are some snippets about them and how it happened…

about laura

Laura McGowan is a force of nature, a person with heaps of commercial expertise in the stationery sector and in ecommerce.  Laura knew it was time to take it to another level and launch a business that aims to turn the stationery sector she knows so well that bit greener….

about james

James Faulkner is one of a kind.  He is the man that can with tons of stationery experience, from driving a forklift truck to negotiating with high quality trusted suppliers.  James can literally turn his hand to anything.  James has worked in stationery for longer than he cares to remember.  What else can we say?.. Oh yes…..the man loves a spreadsheet….

about laura + james

Laura + James met nearly 20 years ago when they both worked for the same stationery company.  After while they went their separate stationery ways but stayed in close contact both professionally and personally (for a bit of friendly football banter, “loser buys the curry” etc!).  At a retirement party in 2014, Laura + James struck up a conversation about their respective business plans, and the idea of merging these two ventures seemed like a fortuitous opportunity that made sense at every level.  Several meetings (and curries) later, following a lot of hard work and support, 5-4-3-2-1… eco-eco was launched!